One Die at a Time

Welcome back to Coastal Clix!  This time, we’ll be looking at the ins and outs of three powers with similar mechanics:  Super Senses, Shape Change, and Impervious.  A common mistake for newer players is treating all three powers as operating the same way; even experienced players can occasionally make this mistake.  We’ll be looking at each of them, how they’re similar, and most importantly, how they differ and can be best played or played against.
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I’ve Got the Power: Pulse Wave

There are few things worse than trying to get someone’s attention or tell them something only to have them ignore you.  Being ignored is no fun; nobody likes it when they feel they’ve got something important going on and the other party just pretends like it’s not even happening.

In Clix, Pulse Wave is that hurtful other party.  And today, we’re going to take a quick look at the competitive king of Attack powers and just how badly it can hurt you…all by ignoring you.

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I’ve Got the Power: Incapacitate

Incapacitate is one of those powers that tends to get overlooked.  Rarely will it sit atop someone’s list of best powers in the game (myself included).  It remains, though, one of my absolute favorite powers to use.  Incap, unlike powers like Pulse Wave or Precision Strike, isn’t something that you’ll always want to use.  Proper use of this power, however, can cripple your opponent and swing the pacing of a match in your direction.

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Utility Belt: Attackers Under 100 Points

Utility Belt is a series of articles focused on easy to collect and inexpensive figures to fill specific roles.

Bang for Your Buck

This inaugural Utility Belt article is designed to help you stock your belt with excellent attack figures that are less than 100 points and easy on your wallet.

My hope is that this series will help players in every stage of the game.  If you’re a new player looking to build a collection, these figures are a great place to start getting quality low-point attackers.  If you’re a more experienced player, it’s entirely possible you’ve missed or overlooked some of these in the wealth of figures you already have!
Each of the figures we’ll be looking at meets a few basic criteria:

  • Modern Age
  • Less than 100 Points (obviously, or the title of the article is built upon lies)
  • Less than $1.00 (I use coolstuffinc to check prices for non-Age of Ultron figures)
  • Figures focus on dealing damage rather than filling support role

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I’ve Got the Power: Probability Control

Probability Control is the one power I will almost never build a team without.  I just don’t trust my dice rolls to not come up snake eyes at a critical moment, and I like having some assurance of my opening hit landing.

In this article, we’re gonna take a look at some of the nuances of Probability Control and some things for newer players to remember when planning to use it.

Want to reroll those bad dice like a pro?  Keep reading!

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Team Building: Striking a Balance

For many of us, our first few games of Heroclix were played with either some borrowed figures or with a handful of figures we picked up because we like superheroes.

Because of our lack of figures and our inexperience, many of us found ourselves playing those early games with teams that weren’t well put-together.  My goal for this article is to help newplayers with the concepts needed to move beyond that stage.  We’ll be discussing some basic principles behind balanced team building and provide some examples of resulting teams.  These won’t be top-tier competitive teams, but they will be teams you can play with good results.  If this sounds like something for you, keep reading!

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Building Blocks: Actions

With few exceptions, every game of Heroclix can be viewed as a series of Actions by each player.  Understanding Actions is a huge part of mastering the game.  The sooner you feel comfortable with the types of Actions and their combinations, the sooner you’ll be able to focus on in-depth team building and get the most mileage from your figures!

Ready to leap into Action(s)?  Read on!

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